Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Asian space race getting hotter

Whoa whoa whoa! No matter how convincingly will Chinese authorities be denying the existence of undeclared but ongoing Asian Space race, another and another steps and proclamations of East Asian governments are confirming this reality. South Korea proclaimed its aim to launch own Moon orbiter by 2020!

Taking into consideration the problematic formal international sovereignty of Hong Kong and Taiwan, the South Korea was the last of the economically or politically dominant entities in region to publish such an ambition.

By 2025 they plan launch a Moon lander, in addition. Which is aprox. the time when US, China and others calculate to put a human on the surface and begin with construction of permanent
base(s). Korea is not space novice; by now it has more than 11 satellites on Earth's orbit. True, none of them was lifted of by their own launching technologie..

To get the race hotter even more, China proclaimed it will launch another manned mission including first space walk in 2008 just after Beijing-placed Olympics..

India signed an agreemet to launch Chandrayaan - 2 with Russia (continuation of Chandrayaan-1 which is calculated to be launched in March 08 and carry European survey device) . Now the project could include both orbiter and Moon lander. India demonstrates its huge will to join ongoing race even though it has not enough capabilities to lead complete space/Moon program alone.

And finally, still the most promising space power - the US - begin to feel the growing pressure from China in the space area. That's how I said somewhere, the reasonable level of competing tensions in international system is the best state to lead effective human extraplanet expansion.


Jean-Luc Picard said...

What has happened for the last 30 years? The space exploration programme has seemed dead.

Swubird said...

Hey. Thanks for putting all of this stuff on your blog. It is very interesting reading.

I think it's good that China, India, and Korea are firing up a race for the moon. As far as I'm concerned, the more the better. Maybe our own lumbering government will finally get off it's big butt and do something about our own fledgling space program. This could be the jolt we need. We've got to be there to protect our own interests, because you know if China and Korea get to the moon, they'll both declare it as their own sovereign soil. That's out of the question. We have to keep space free and open to all.

May the Force be with you.